Saturday, August 11, 2007

foot action

These aren't my feet, but I just thought I'd make a mini foot posting. My feet are a size 6, stump toed tiny, and like my grandfather I've inherited the "hammertoe". Someday I will have it so bad that my middle toe will naturally hang over my big toe all day long. That will look nice.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

floating leaf

I go running in the Greenbelt sometimes, and my favorite part of the trail is where I get to cross the creek. I get my shoes soaked, usually my shorts too if the water is high enough, and most of the time I stop to catch my breath and admire the running water. My zodiac sign says I'm a Pisces fish... all that I know is that something about being in and around the water feels like home. Actually, my childhood dream besides being born with a foreign accent that wasn't American, was to be a mermaid. I'd still like to have both wishes granted! I liked the leaf in this picture quickly floating by.... it reminded me of what my mom used to tell me. "Paige, our lives are in motion."