Friday, February 20, 2009

watchful waiting

It was one of those late afternoons when you can't decide if it's really cold, or you're just being a wimp. I'd like to say that it just wasn't that cold, although I'm prematurely opening the box for Spring. I was waiting for my bus to leave not wanting to climb inside the interior that roared Armenian pop music, so I stubbornly stood outside till it left... snapping this picture.

Monday, February 16, 2009

on bread duty

Most of the other volunteers I know here have moved out on their own, into small apartments or houses. I still have not and often have conflicting thoughts about it. I have come to have a really comfortable relationship with my host family, in particular my host mother Aygestan. I remember how indifferent I was in the beginning towards her and I couldn't imagine the 4 month stay ever coming to a close. Now I love this woman, and enjoy the idiosyncrasies we've developed. I'm happy how wrong I have been proved to say the least. The other day I was making pasta on the stove, totally stuck in an article I was reading about some mountain climber. I absentmindedly let her chick peas burn to death not even noticing the smell. She yelled at me for being so off into space, and I could only laugh. In the end she did too, and today she put me on bread duty insisting that if I let the bread burn then I will have to buy us a week's worth of it out of my pocket. Today the bread came out perfect.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


When I went back to Texas for a small break, I came across Lonely Planet's: One People one night at a bookstore. I wanted to buy it, but walked out empty handed instead. It's a compilation of people's travel photos and is broken down into 8 simple categories that reflect the commonalities of the life cycle. If I can recall, they are: Breathe, Play, Live, Love, Reflect, Work, Celebrate, Die. I've seen this done before on websites and I've always felt inspired by these attempts that illuminate the paths and crossroads in our many journeys. So I start with this boy. He's not riding his bike, but he's thinking about it. He is the universal boy on a bike that we understand. I recommend at least taking a look at the book, it won't waste your time.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

get down get down

I spent a week at a conference for our group of volunteers, which was designed to teach us how to design and manage project ideas as well as write grants. Whose to say it did or not. At the end of the training, the hotel we were staying at threw a disco ball for us. I didn't pack anything at all that would be fiting enough for the occasion but I enjoyed watching the saucy outfits show up and show off. Maybe not having anyone to attract matters, maybe it's just about the need to feel like you could.