Sunday, March 21, 2010


Tony. He belongs to my neighbors but likes to escape from his den as much as possible and run wildly through my backyard area pulling down my clothes I have hanging out to dry and scattering them in remote corners. He looks cute, but he is a little terror of a turd - the most undisciplined mutt ever. I was making lunch today, and he ran inside from the open back door quickly grabbed one of my boots near the front door and then stole off with it out the door again, down the stairs, made a successful leap and also dragged down my wet jeans that were hanging on the line and we played chase the boot around from Tony for a good 10 minutes before I got it back. I can't believe he let me take his photo, but I think he knows that I secretly adore him.

Monday, March 15, 2010

photo exhibit

The photographs that Emily Haas and I displayed for the International Women's Day exhibit are being posted on Ms. Haas' blog daily until the end of March. I think there are about 30 images, 10 or 13 women total. Our opening day went well, a crowd of people came and I was happy to see some of the women we photographed there too. Of course if you happen to find yourself wandering the dusty streets of Yeghegnadzor, please come by. You can also just click here.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

flaming prayer

I took this photo at a bbq a few nights ago, when we were standing around enjoying the fire before the meat was added to it. My friend Armen was watching his son play around with a flaming stick while the rest of us were jumping out of the way to avoid being burned by the little trouble maker. Armen's pose was, for me, perfect.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

future designers

The faces of some design students I am teaching this semester. Although all of these kids like computers I can tell you that maybe only 4 wanted to be in the design department and have a real interest in art and design. It's a weird system and I don't ask too many questions that would further reveal the weirdness of it - I just teach what I can. So I (with the help of my pal Emily Haas) am teaching the baby steps of Photoshop to them. I hardly know my #$@ from second base about using Photoshop, but I too am learning as I go which is a win win for us all. I took their pictures last week, and hope to have them recreate this canvas lesson for the next class. You know a fraction about something here, and great! can teach a whole semester of it.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

touching you?

This is Kristine, she is an English language student studying to become a teacher. Every time I see her she tries to get me to come to her family's house for coffee, or help her translate something for class like To Kill A Mockingbird ("aw shucks Jim" - that kind of stuff is puzzling). I took her picture today, while thinking back on the first time she tried to tell me that she wanted to keep in touch with me, to call me for things like English help. Obviously she had heard the phrase somewhere although it tumbled out of her mouth, "Paige, I want to be touching you." We were already sitting so close on the bus, I was lost. For a second. And then I laughed. Yes, I know you do Kristine.

Monday, March 1, 2010

arthur sakhalyan

Yesterday I went to Yerevan and stopped in at my friend Arthur's apartment. He is a photographer, and we have been planning on sitting down and hanging out talking about photography for way too long - and I'm glad it finally happened. Arthur's pictures are serenely beautiful, he only shoots slide film and polaroid and has some neat, heavy, intimidating looking equipment that he hauls around Armenian villages and fields. We had some great discussions, and I hope to learn more from him.