Tuesday, June 10, 2008

eat, sleep, speak armenian?

This is the real deal farm life. Just like on TV! I am privelaged to eat cheese and drink milk straight from the cow because I have no other choice. Other than the whole village smelling like a stockyard, life in Arzakan is truly something else. You would have thought that Jesus Christ himself was walking down the road, the way people here look at us, especially in the small village. I am going to pay fifteen times more for posting these pictures, so I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

a long way here

I've arrived. My group of volunteers and I are staying high up in the mountains in cabins for a few days before we begin living with families. The country is quite beautiful, mountaineous, green, lots of wildflowers. I have almost no time to write and use the internet, this is a quickie..... there are people waiting in line behind me and our transport leaves soon. We all just met the other 80 volunteers who were whooping excited to see all of us. All is good, I'm signing off but will write and post pictures sooner than later....