Friday, September 14, 2012


Karen is not my muse, but I have noticed that I have many photos of her. This big window marks the spot where she'll put new roots down. A place away from the big streets and all night affairs. Still under under construction, yet is cemented permanently in time and space. A new house to fill up with days and nights, and hours in between when no one is there and the faucet drips and the cats bathe their paws looking at each other, waiting for human life to rush back in.

my dad

My Dad listens well. Pays attention to the small details and then uses them to find a special sense of humor with each person. He wears a white coat at work, treating and diagnosing patients in a clinic. He'd do it all day and all night until the next day for the love of the game of his life. With big blue smart kind eyes and furry brows that are speckled grey and more wrinkles around his mouth and eyes than I've recalled in awhile.

summers end

   The way the summer suddenly comes to an end, before you even have a chance to remember to go swimming one more time, when the clouds turn up grey and a north wind comes back around to your side of the world again, when the photos taken under lingering heat and high noon sun look nostalgic but you know it's already past the point of no return, is funny. Because it's Fall now. And there's new light to notice and new plans to make.