Wednesday, November 9, 2011

nau's now + the others i took

This is what I have so far. Some days I didn't take a photo at all, some days I did. I gave up being strict on myself, and considered that taking a photo a day can be a process too. A trial and error process. I'm not exactly done, a few more days to go yet, but it's certainly been a good reminder to take the camera with you.


Albert. He's 19, and an artist. I have been wanting to take his picture for awhile now. So glad I got to.


She brought her son out on the track while she studied a spiral notebook. It's like a park after 5, and all kinds of people use this track like it was one. Staying safe behind his Mom.

sleepy morning

Cherokee in the morning, big yawn, big stretch. Thank you Patrick for bringing her to me. I really love this little girl.

old fashioned

This is Corey - I work with him at the Paramount Theatre. He was combing his hair before the show, getting ready for the crowd. He has a very cartoon like face, sweet eyes, and an old fashioned way about him. Wears his Grandfather's shirts and tie clips, bringing back the magic.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

november photo a day

I'm doing it again. It's off to a great start already....I'll be posting soon to catch up. Ah, November.