Tuesday, July 17, 2007

i'm gone to carolina

Me and my friend Kristi booked a white water rafting trip for Saturday morning down the Upper Pigeon river in Tennessesee. I didn't exactly put on my war paint for this ride, as Kristi joked I would, and there weren't any guns simultaneously shooting at us either, bummer! At one point I was hoping Kristi would fall out, for some added excitement....but she didn't. We both vowed that next time we'd just as rather go skyrocketing off of Niagra Falls in a blow up raft.

Travelling, as it always does, felt good. Kristi and Bill have a cabin in the smoky yonder mountains near Asheville, North Carolina. A really beautiful place... and it was heaven to sit on the front porch and still be somewhat chilled at night. We drank a little moonshine, played some cards and made fun of each other as much as possible. I took this last picture of Kristi in the car heading out of town. There is nothing like having the windows down, the music way up, and delightfully having the wind blow all around...

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