Monday, August 25, 2008


This is the way its done here. 70% of Armenians smoke, and since women don't or rather can't then everyone else does. The ebb and flow of loving this and hating it, is constant. The world, as one of my friends here said "is actually small." The differences between us are a fascintating and frustrating.


Anonymous said...

Hi Paige,

I happened to come across your blog when I was looking for a good picture of a run down shack to use for a housewarming card for some friends of mine. Ya I know, but most greeting cards are expensive and really not worth the cost. If I was a bit more artistic I'd create my own art. Anyway I am glad I found your blog. How interesting. I will bookmark it and look forward to reading it again. I used to teach many years ago and I admire your courage to strike out on a different path. Good for you. Good luck. Gini
P.S. I hope lots of people see your blog.

Marianna said...

I miss you and I want to come visit you next summer during my time off from teaching. Would that be OK? I don't know the rules... Email me anytime you get the chance. Would you like me to send you cheetos?