Saturday, September 27, 2008

mini america space

I didn't know before getting myself into this, how attached I am to my "things." My things, are essentially my home. I am still digging out of my suitcase for underwear, pens, ducktape, books, all of the things I wasted too much money on, and the very last of my jolly ranchers. As long as I have all of this to retreat to... I think I'll be fine. I've learned alot about myself in 4 short months, one thing being that no matter where I am, I still don't like waking up early, and another is that I'm alot more "American" than I thought when it comes to walking. I actually do walk fast, and with purpose.

My Pops shared with me a line from a book he is reading. I don't think anything could be truer.

"Even if all needs are satisfied, there is a tendency to feel restless unless we are doing what we think we are capable of doing." --Maslow

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anniedog said...

beautiful shot... looks like home... wish that I were dancing there at the foot of your bed as you were teasing about a car ride.