Saturday, March 28, 2009

pirate of the princesses

I am teaching her Daddy English twice a week in the evenings. And then, after the lesson is over....we play. We play make-up with chapstick and a dried up bottle of nail polish, we whisper secrets to each other that don't make sense, and often times when we're eating she makes fun of the way I speak Armenian. She has quite a range of facial expressions for a three year old, and her personality is wicked and loony. She has been making my Tuesday and Friday nights for awhile now.


pcb said...

how do you say "garden" in Armenian?

Scott Sticker said...

Hey Paige, this is Scott Sticker. I stumbled upon yr blog and I really dig your photos and these updates.
It seems like you're doing really well over there, which is fantastic.
I just wanted to say "hey."

circle me confused said...

Scott! Where oh where have you been hiding? Send me your email, i'll write you.

Scott Sticker said...

I certainly have not been hiding.
My e-mail is
I would love to hear from you!