Sunday, April 19, 2009

dirt diggers

An early picture I took of my second host family, working in their green house. I live right down the street from them now and even bring my food scraps to their chickens almost every other day, but I will never hear the end of "why haven't you come to see us sooner?"


Patrick Cavan Brown said...

Some might disagree, but that rake handle in front of the little boy still drives me crazy.... even still, I love the picture.

Patrick Cavan Brown said...

forgive me.... shovel handle

Color of Cordoba said...

where are the pictures of grey, river-busted Kiev? I've got plenty of dirt and boots to look at around here. I guess maybe I shouda' brought a camera to take some pictures of the genocide recollection/memorial for ya' but I didn't so I guess my long-winded descriptions will have to do when you get back.