Saturday, September 3, 2011

a little time in oregon

It was great to see my friend Emily from Peace Corps, but even better to see her in her own environment and witness the beauty of Oregon. She took me on a tour of the Western/Central part of the state from the very sleepy but hip city of Portland, through the Columbia River Gorge, down to the Willamette Valley where dozens of perfectly arched vineyards poured over the hills, and then to the rugged coastal town of Newport where the Pacific's cold waves launched into the shore. Totally gorgeous.

I'm getting around America, slowly, sort of in awe that ever part of our country has a different feel and vibe - searching for a place to call home one of these days.


Anonymous said...

It is good to see old site mates from my good 'ol times in Armenia. Glad to see you got to make it to where I spent my formidable years. Thanks for keeping up the blog Aunt Paige, and I must say Emily looks simply smashing. Reminds me of when we went swimming in the river in Vayotz Dzor. Cheers!

KJD said...

How did I miss these? They are stunning!