Tuesday, October 7, 2008

little ones

This little girl is my favorite among them. Her name is Milena, although I call her Milekas. It means, my little Milena. Her head is shaved from her own request, and she is a tomboy through and through. In the beginning she had to dislike me, it was in her nature to. But now we are buddies, and when her parents come over to my house I pick her up and swing her upside down until we are both exhausted from laughing.

There are a few orphanages in Armenia, although this country is extremely family oriented they do exist, and I have plans to visit them next month during a break from school. Their stories are a mystery to me, and how their lives surfaced them there.


Anonymous said...

I was wrong, Paige. You're not going to come back with a man, you're going to come back with a kid!

Anonymous said...

Can I say that?

mom said...

You know my thoughts on the orphanage trip. Wish I could go with you. I'm sure you will be received with much love and enthusiasm! Chuck woud like to go too! Not sure if they will allow you to take photos, but if they do, I hope you can capture the hopefulness in their eyes.