Monday, October 27, 2008

malishka village

Most everyone I know well, knows I grew up in Blanco, TX. A small town that still only has one stop light. In any other country, the size of Blanco would be considered a village. I am certain I grew up as if I lived in one. My best friend Jessie Haas, at age 5, had the one thing my family didn't. Chickens. I would go over to her house just for the pleasure of walking in the coop and scoping for the laid eggs. I've always felt more comfortable in a smaller place, with people who own land and animals, and appreciate this way. Sure, I'm a Texan, and you can make fun of this all day long. But home is where the heart is, and I'm sure I'll never grow too big to enjoy a small place, like Malishka Armenia. (The images above are all from the village.)

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jopiggy said...

What a treat!!! Since finding you awhile back I periodically check and see what you are up to..and then lo and behold I find my name. Thanks for making me smile. I'm so happy my chickens made for good memories. Bet you remember catching them to. Ha Ha E-mail me sometime XOXO Jessi