Wednesday, November 19, 2008

jason eskenazi

I was not able to copy one of his images, but Jason Eskenazi is worth your time. He has taken some beautiful and interesting photographs of the the Soviet Union and other Soviet countries before and after the collapse. If you have some time, visit the NPR link that has an 11 image gallery and a small interview with him. On my way out of the Peace Corps I think I am going to take the long way home, through some of these places myself.


flip said...

I took a look at the links you posted and indeed his pictures are beautiful... thanks for sharing it with those who happen to come here.

karen jane said...

Amazing photos. Very dramatic. I didn't know Jason Eskenazi was the Kids With Cameras guy. Maybe you should give some of your kids cameras so we can see some pictures of YOU now! ;)

Color of Cordoba said...

so I've begun putting your pictures on my blog. Hope that's cool. Elloit and I are in the IRC now, by the time you read this we'll be back in the Marz, kinda' interesting how travel and communication overlap here. Anyway, here's this:
if you have time.

Gini said...

you mention taking the long way round when you leave the Peace Corp. You might be interested in visiting this website It's about two Brits (Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman) who traveled around the world from London England. They traveled through Eastern Europe and parts of Russia. A really interesting story and one icredible journey.
Sounds like you are a very creative and imaginative person. I used to teach so I can certainly understand what you said about those 7th grade kids. More power to ya.