Thursday, November 27, 2008


Lavash is the traditional Armenian staple. It is almost like a tortilla, but not. It can be a little jaw intensive to eat after it has been sitting out for awhile, like days. But I've eaten my share of it and find the history interesting. It is holy bread, therefore cannot be thrown out. And it is as old as time, consisting of only flour, salt, and water. I often come to this one room lavash factory to warm myself, and I eventually eat a few free slabs while the women are nice enough to let me take their pictures. It was an attempt to do a mini-essay, I hope you enjoy.


Haik said...

Paige - its interesting that the way these ladies make lavash is different from the traditional. I am sure they told you. It is much easier to do it the way they do and obviously commerce is minded.
Can you ask around and find a place around you where lavash is done right in _tonir_. That would be a real essay.
Love your blog. It is interesting to see my own with your eyes.

circle me confused said...

Haik - I have seen the tonir lavash made, although that is mostly done in villages. And I agree, it is more interesting. They sell lavash in the hanoots and I suppose someone has to get the job done, quickly. Still tastes just as good though.