Friday, December 26, 2008

a time for 2009

Christmas still hasn't been celebrated here, and it won't until the 6th of January. However, the children of Armenia wait patiently for Zmer Papik to arrive with his white polar bears on New Year's Eve. Zmer Papik means "Winter Grandfather" but this unseen character sure does look and respond just like Santa, bringing gifts to the smaller ones who believe. I will be back home in Texas when Christmas comes here, enjoying faces and voices I have not seen or heard in awhile. So I wish us all a good new year, 2009, a year full of new stories, pictures, and moments.

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Gini said...

Here it is mid February and still no more posts. Aren't you going back to Armenia? I looked forward to seeing your photos and reading your blog. Hope everything is OK with you.