Friday, December 19, 2008

what am i reading?

I'll go ahead and ask the question, and then answer it as well. I just finished Kafka on the Shore, which was an interesting novel. But I am just in the whee-stages of Leif Enger's new book 'So Brave, Young and Handsome.' The little boy's name in the book is "Redstart", so you know it will be an adventure of Southern wide open space well worth savoring. Reading Enger's books reminds me of characters I witnessed in Blanco. Their names were (and still are) ever so perfect. Among the good ones was a smooth talking farrier named Slim, a Mexican laborer who drank the backwash of beer cans named Pancho, and an overweight 5th grade teacher painted in blue and pink eyeshadow named Charlene Cockerham. That's probably just the tip of them, if I thought real hard about it I know I could fetch more. Right now I am spending an abnormal amount of time reading because I no longer have my computer to converse with, and I have no idea how Peace Corps Volunteers even went about this without one. That must've been another world.


karen jane said...

Your skin looks especially lustrous in this photo... is there some secret ancient Armenian skin serum you'll be sharing with us when you get back? :)

pcb said...

I bought "So Brave" a few months back, an autographed copy, but haven't started it yet... waiting for the Holidays... excited.