Friday, September 17, 2010

yellow plastic chairs

My previous backyard mountain view I had in Armenia has dwindled in scale and impressiveness from just that - mountains, to an urban lawn with a shed and a tree. A big change I am still waking up to every morning. But today while sitting outside listening to the rain come down these two yellow chairs hit me with something. They looked pretty all of a sudden. I like chairs sitting next to each other, I think they are personally animated in a way. Two chairs hold two people and when they leave, the chairs hold their past - the story. Easy enough. I hope you, as well as me, get a chance to sit with someone this weekend, tell a story or just listen to one.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic personification! Your description of the chairs in the photo brought the photo alive with imaginary images of different people coming, sitting, sharing, then leaving; and then coming again. Really like this one!

Karen Jane said...

Just wanted you to know that it was I, Karen Jane, who checked your blog at 5:58 pm on Monday, September 20, 2010.


KJD said...

new posts please!!!

Anonymous said...

i've got a couple chairs like that